sound ambitions.

Music nerd.

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Spiral down.

Spiral down.

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the grand budapest hotel + chapters

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every older sibling ever

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Some shots of my recent production design work for the Nine Inch Nails 2014 Europe/UK tour. More photos at NIN’s Tumblr.

Art direction by Rob Sheridan. Lighting design by Paul Guthrie. Video content by Rob Sheridan and Moment Factory.

Yesss, the London gig was fucking awesome.

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So Nine Inch Nails were pretty good.

In a few hours

I will travel just around the corner to the O2 Arena to watch Nine Inch Nails absolutely smash it. I will be wearing my Scala 2013 t-shirt.

Trent has brought his light show with him this time.

It’s going to be fucking amazing.


Nine Inch Nails live in Europe, May 2014. Tour dates and tickets at

Photos by Rob Sheridan from Riga, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Oh my fucking god, next week is going to be the bomb.

Holy shit that’s fascinating.

Holy shit that’s fascinating.

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Keep going.


Keep going.

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